How can I get free smile stickers?

We'll send you our free, happy, smile inducing stickers at no cost, we just ask that you give them out to a random stranger or a loved one or stick them in a place someone else other than yourself can see. Trust us on this one, making someone else happier, making someone else smile, is guaranteed to make you feel happier and is guaranteed to make you smile. Thanks for making the world a truely happier place!

To get free stickers, send a self addressed stamped envelope to
stick a smile.
PO Box 34
Collaroy Beach
NSW, Australia
Post Code: 2097
and we'll send you some back within 4-8 weeks!


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How we may collect your personal information

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Here are some questions people ask us a heap answered, enjoy the read and let your questions be answered! (hopefully, if not click the Contact Button!)

What do you mean by 'send us a self adressed, stamped envelope to get free stickers'?

Simply, put your name, address, and a stamp on any size envelope. Then stick that inside another envelope with our PO Box address and a stamp, and toss it in the mail. Easy!

(Just a side note, make sure you have enough stamps for the return trip!)

I would like to donate to help sustain stick a smile, where can I do so?

Donations keep us alive as we need to print more and more stickers on a daily basis and we don't get many orders on our store even though all profits from our store go into further sticker production. You are an incredible human being, thank you so very much for even contemplating such a beautiful, selfless action! If you would like to donate, click this:

How many stickers do I get for free if I send you a self stamped, addressed envelope?

You get 5 free stickers per self stamped, addressed envelope!

How fast do you send the stickers back?

All envelopes sent to our PO Box are sent back within a month at the latest. If you haven't got your order back in 8 weeks or more, contact us at and we'll see where your order is at! Otherwise, if you need stickers faster and in many ways possibly cheaper, you can order stickers on our store here.

Do you make profit?

All profits stick a smile makes goes back into the printing of more stickers - we are currently looking to incorporate as a non for profit however that process is very lengthy and we just haven't gotten around to it yet, however no one makes any profit from any sale, donation or any other transaction made to stick a smile.

How do I buy stickers, tshirts or other merch wholesale?

Email us at and we can see what we can do for you. Otherwise check out our store and we may be able to satisfy your needs!

Are you affiliated with any political party, religion or otherwise instiution?

Nope. Because smiling is universal!

What has your impact been so far?

We have distributed over 8000 stickers to over 20 countries so far, if on average 10 people have seen each sticker (factoring in that many stickers have only been seen by one person while many have been placed in prominent locations), then approx. 80,000 people have been reminded to smile and who knows to what extent that ripples to!

How do I become a stick a smile ambassador?

To become a stick a smile ambassador, you must have the following criteria:

  • A social media account with over 5000 followers and an average of 150 likes+ on each photo
  • An account which already is filled with happy sentiment and positivity!
  • A willingness to smile :)
  • If you think you reach this criteria, contact us here:

So what is stick a smile?

It is proven that one's personal happiness can be found through making other people happier. Smiling is the outmost, simplest expression of human happiness, and by utilising the power of smiling and inciting it within a tool, I could see this idea of empowering someone with a tool to make someone else happier a reality.

So in late 2015, I designed stickers with quotes reminding people to smile written upon them. These stickers act as a tool to make someone smile by people giving our stickers out anonymously, sticking them in prominent places where strangers can see and much much more, all acting and passing on the message as well as taking to heart an action of pure and utter positivity; "All I want to do is to make you smile, there are no strings attached, have a free sticker and an amazing day!"

Join our movement of smiles by getting some stickers and sticking a smile on someone's face today! You never know how far the effects of your actions will ripple to! :)

With peace and smiles,

Rafe Skidmore

Founder of stick a smile.